Continuous Enrollment Dates At-a-Glance:

• February 1: Re-Enrollment Begins
• March 1: Open Enrollment Begins
• March 1: Re-Enrollment Fee increases to $95
• March 3: Re-Enrollment fee is applied to FACTS account.
• April 1: Re-Erollment fee increases to $125

Beginning March 1, families who have requested transfers and new applicants will be given preference on class lists over those who have not completed their re-enrollment process. Once the re-enrollment process has been completed, the student(s) are then added to the waiting pool, and placed on a class list as space becomes available.

No refunds of the re-enrollment fee will be issued after  April 1, except for:

• A relocation of 25 miles or more from the family’s current address

• Military Move – Orders are required.

All accounts must be current in order to keep your continuous enrollment status active. Please contact our finance office by calling 843-365-2005 to make payment arrangements.