Discover more for your student

As a parent, today’s culture seems to be wining the battle for the hearts and minds for our children. Now more than ever, the environment we place our kids in helps shape their future. At Conway Christian School our mission is to meet the needs of the whole child. From academics to spiritual truth to matters of discipline, we stand ready to invest in the life of your student with:

  • Qualified, loving teachers who make a difference each day
  • Biblical teaching that will challenges and shapes
  • Upper Percentile Testing
  • Championship Athletics Program
  • Award Fine Arts

Character Development – The Best Preparation for Life

All education may profit man’s relationship with man, but successful education also develops man’s relationship with God. Sound character is rooted in our relationship with God and is demonstrated in our relationship with man. Our faculty and staff inspire students to develop positive peer influences. Students learn to serve and pray for each other. Our students are encouraged to receive Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. Daily Bible instruction, prayer, Christian discipline, chapel services, community service projects and a conscious integration of faith and learning help students to live a life in obedience to Jesus Christ.

Strong Academic Programs – Meeting Individual Needs

We have a long history of academic excellence. In comparison with national norms, the average CCS student scores in the top 20% on standardized achievement tests. However, we do not “teach to the test.” Our curriculum is Christ-centered, challenging, and designed to help students gain essential tools for academic success. Parents can anticipate that our students will be nurtured in a godly atmosphere while learning in an environment that maintains high standards.

Affordable Tuition – A Sacrifice Worth Making

The Christian education we provide is a lifelong investment influencing every aspect of a young person’s life. Our tuition rates reflect a sincere desire by our leadership to offer an affordable Christian education.  We provide a program of financial assistance for families that demonstrate genuine financial need. Trusting God for tuition may be challenging, but God provides financial resources to parents every year and assurance that the sacrifice is worth it.