Ms. Connie Smith


Mr. Steve Hart

Assistant Principal

Mrs. Laura Hogue

Academic Dean, Guidance, English, Spanish

Mrs. Gloria Frost

Financial Assistant

Mrs. Kim English

Registrar, School Office Manager

Mrs. Shannon Anderson

Director of Admissions and Recruitment

Mrs. Whitney Dunn

Administrative Assistant

Elementary Faculty

Mrs. Carmin Samaha

5th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Catherine O’Sullivan

2nd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Danielle Barrs

K5 Teacher

Mrs. Ember McDaniel

K3 Teacher

Mrs. Jessica Hendrick

K5 Teacher

Mrs. Jessica Hoffman

1st Grade Teacher

Mrs. Mary VonCannon

6th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Mindy Floyd

2nd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Norma Jackson

6th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Pam Hord

3rd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Roxanne Willis

4th Grade Teacher

Ms. Caitlyn Davis

K4 Teacher

Middle/High Faculty

Cpt. Carl Melton

Bible, Geography

Mr. Aaron Hurley

Chaplain & Senior Bible

Mr. Daniel Heit

Mathematics, History, Spanish, Physical Education

Mrs. Amy Freeman

Science, English, History

Mrs. Betty Morgan

English, History

Mrs. Faith Roehm

Bible, English, History

Mrs. Kelly Ammons

Mathematics & Science

Mrs. Kimberly Hurley


Mrs. Mabry Ann Jackson

English, Computer Science, Yearbook, IT

Mrs. Ranell Bowers


Mrs. Shawnda Poston

Physical Edication

Support Staff

Mrs. Deirdra Hardwick

School Lunch Coordinator

Mrs. Katie Heit

Teachers Aide

Mrs. Neisha Strange

Lunchroom Assistant

Ms. Nicole Tinetti

Athletic Trainer