Our Pastors

October 31, 2022

As part of Pastor Appreciation month, members of student government share their appreciation for their pastors!

Cami Butler, Student Body President
Pastor Jonathan Vandermark, Juniper Bay Baptist Church 
“Pastor Jonathan has not been our pastor for very long, but he has made an impact already. He preaches God’s Word with compassion, and he is very devoted to all parts of our church. My youth group is thankful for how much he cares for us. Even though Pastor Jonathan has not been with us long, it seems like we have known him forever. He is on fire for Christ and his sermons are God’s Word and relatable. He mentions his past and the hardships that he has gone through. He has become a friend to everyone, and he loves and cares for everyone at our church like we are his family.”

Maggie Jones, Vice-President
Pastor Brandon Blair,  Langston Baptist Church
“Pastor Brandon has taught me so much about the Lord and how to treat people. He also preaches in a way that really pulls me into the sermon. For many years as a Believer, I fought the urge to get baptized. Pastor Brandon encouraged me, though, and I got baptized in September of this year. Pastor Brandon guided me through the importance of baptism and prayed over me. I am so grateful to him for making me feel comfortable and confident in the next step of my relationship with Christ.”

Ashley Strickland, 10th Grade Representative

Pastor Charles Brust, Green Sea Baptist Church
Pastor Charles is a shepherd at heart and puts his family first. This is a touching characteristic as a family is the greatest gift of all. He shows the importance of this through his actions and his love for his family.

Makayla Wayne, Secretary
Rev. Kyle Brent, Grace Presbyterian Church
“Pastor Brent has taught me so many things, but one of the things that always sticks out to me is the knowledge and wisdom we obtain through an in-depth study of God and His Word. Pastor Brent has helped me grow and mature in my faith. He has also helped me determine what I believe and how I can defend that. I’m very thankful for his teaching and guidance.”

Sawyer Smith, 9th Grade Class Representative
Pastor Brandon Jones, Cedar Grove Baptist Church
“My pastor has made an impact on my life through his preaching, in which I have learned how to carry myself as a Christian. His preaching has also guided me through trying times in my life. One time when I was playing football, my pastor came and spoke at “Fifth-quarter”, our FCA after-game party, at school. I found it awesome that he willingly gave up his time on a Friday night to come and preach the message. The message was incredible and my friends found it to be good as well.”

Jonathan Bowers, Chaplain
Pastor Brandon Jones, Cedar Grove Baptist Church
“My pastor has impacted me by being relatable to people my age, including myself. Pastor Brandon encourages me through his messages to dive into God’s Word for myself and actually read the Bible.”

Cooper Collins, 8th Grade Representative
Pastor Jamey Collins, Jamestown Baptist Church
“My pastor has made an impact on my life because he has shown me that he is what he preaches, and how important it is to be the same out of church as he is inside…. One thing I can say about my dad is he has always made sure he was still my pastor and not just my dad. He knows and has always been there when I needed my dad, but also when I needed my pastor.”

Ellie Frost, 7th Grade Representative
Pastor Josh Finklea, The Rock Church
“Pastor Josh has done a great job making us students feel appreciated and not overlooked because we are younger….Many times, my pastor has talked about feeling left out or overwhelmed as students, but one time he spoke specifically to the teenagers and school-age kids. Pastor Josh said that no matter what we do, God will never leave even when every other person has, He is still there waiting for you to come back to Him.”